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Chinese Spring Camps has been using for more than 10 years but the domain is no long used for that purpose because of hostile takeover by a new owner. This was also caused by poor Godaddy customer services which did allow us to make payment after we lost our login.

So Has Replaced

北加州旧金山湾区春令营 is for Chinese Spring Camps in Northern California San Francisco Bay Area. We use plural form because we have organized this event more than 20 times already.

第24届湾区春令营将在2017年5月19至21日在Mt. Hermon 举行。现已开始网上报名。详情请前往


PostHeaderIcon 网络热播《鬼吹灯》

  • 鬼吹灯之精绝古城-第18集-高清完整版
  • 鬼吹灯之精绝古城-第17集-高清完整版
  • 鬼吹灯之精绝古城-第16集-高清完整版


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Why Can’t I Sleep

There are many reasons that can cause sleep loss: the environment is too noisy, we are too excited before going to bed, drinking too much coffee or tea.

Many of us don’t realize that we actually need more sleep. We may not know how well or how bad we sleep everyday.
Or we don’t know what to do to help us to get enough sleep or to avoid sleeping too much (Did you know that sleeping too much can also damage to our health or spirit?)

With modern technology along with our Internet, we can now improve our life with the help of

RestOn from Sleepace for Better Sleep

With its medical-grade sensors and patented structure, RestOn accurately measures sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. RestOn is the great news for those who do not have good sleep!

With RestOn, you can get sleep advice when you use it to conveniently monitor your sleep pattern, sleep cycles and sleep habits along with heart rate and respiratory rate through its patented design and technology. Sleepace got a lot of attention on its Las Vegas CES in 2015 and new investors and the US market responded with a warm and rapid welcome.

Would you like to order it on? It will be $149.99 per unit and it will be your best investment for your health ever! I promise.

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PostHeaderIcon 圣莱安德罗市市长寇宝莲(Pauline Cutter)

寇宝莲(Pauline Cutter)

寇宝莲(Pauline Cutter)

寇宝莲(Pauline Cutter) 在2014年年终选举 以 57% 的选票击败 Souza 的 43% 和 Dan Dillman 的 14% 获选为 圣莱安德罗市市长(San Leandro Mayor),2015接替了前任市长史蒂芬•卡西迪。

上任不足2年的华裔市议员李国斌(Benny Lee)在2014年5月出任副市长,成为该市历来首位华裔副市长。

寇宝莲(Pauline Cutter) 认为要让

Google 的翻译笑死人

San Leandro Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter = 圣莱安德罗市市长保罗日俄刀

PostHeaderIcon 加州中醫師聯合總會 加州中醫師聯合總會(CUPCM)can also be accessed from
This is another example of our SEO Web design projects with English-Chinese bilingual website.
We designed the database of the TCM doctors in California. The client also likes the pdf publishing for their newsletter.

TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, can save your life or just improve your life quality without the side effects of Western conventional medicine.

PostHeaderIcon Galaxy S4 photo sample

We found the camera of Galaxy S4 pretty good even without using the flash


PostHeaderIcon Useful Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

For old Windows timers, lots of old Windows shortcut keys have become more useful when using the new Windows 8 interface. They may hate the new Start Menu when they want to use the desktop instead. Here are some good Windows8 shortcut keys that may help you get what you want. I love Windows Key

Windows Key

Windows Key

1)How to get Windows explorer for the files and documents?

Shortcut keys:  Windows + e

2)At Start Menu or when you have full Window application, how to get the desktop?

Shortcut keys: Windows + m

3)How to search for an installed applications?

Shortcut keys: Windows + w   and type in to do a live search. For example, type “turn” or “shut” to see Turn off your PC button on the left. This is also how to get to the Control Panel (typing “cont” and you will see, you don’t need to type full phrase.)

4)How to Switch to another application you open in the background:


rotating opened apps

Shortcut keys: Alt+Tab to rotate to the application you want, release the Tab key one at a time and until you see the one you want, release the Alt key.

5)How to get my DOS or Command Prompt?

Shortcut keys: Windows+R    and type in cmd and press Enter. You can also get Control Panel by typing in “Control Panel”. There’s a plain explanation at Microsoft website: And I love to type in “intl.cpl” to get to the language preference to set up my Chinese input method or IME

Windows8 Language Preference

Windows8 Language Preference

Other useful Windows8 tips: Creating a Windows8 Shutdown/Hybernate  Button

PostHeaderIcon Where’s My Shutdown Button in Windows8?

Microsoft made a big mistake by mixing the tablet OS and desktop OS.  It doesn’t make sense to force the desktop users to deal with the tablet features.

Lots of complaints include

  1. Where’s my Start Button?
  2. Where’s the Shutdown button?
  3. Where’s my Control Panel?

And they don’t have enough pre-education for most of the users to switch to their new “smart” interface. Read the rest of this entry »

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