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Most people love to see the top ten of everything. So when talking about SEO tools, not in a particular order, let us make a list of

Top Ten Useful SEO Tools

  1. gives you top PPC (Pay Per Click) keywords and Organic Keywords and the daily budget (if any) of the domain you type in along with the competitors. It’s a must have for PPC manager or SEO consultant or just web site owners who want to do SEO themselves.
  2. is a pretty good tool similar to KeywordSpy. Try and compare it yourself to see which one fit your needs. I prefer KeywordSpy because of its speed. Chris Mason of SEO Corner has a good page on Spyfu vs Keywordspy.
  3. gives you comprehensive rating of your web site in the respect of the marketing effectiveness. “It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.” We managed to help many web sites to improve their web site grades from 60 or less up to 90 or higher (e.g. a. 96.1 of 100 b. ChineseBay: 94 of 100)
  4. Link Popularity Checker: our online quick tool to check link popularity via Google, Yahoo and Bing. Just type in your domain and press Enter, then click on the three different links to check Google., Yahoo and Biing link popularity of your site.
  5. Web CEO offers great free SEO tool set for desktop along with free training course. I love it so much that I upgrade it to Professional version. 12 SEO Tools in One Powerful SEO Suite

We are going to talk about the other 5 Most Useful SEO Tools, including Firefox and WordPress plug-ins in our next post.

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