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Just said Goodbye to my first generation Google Phone ( the 2 year contract was over couple of months ago and the phone is so worn out), so I got two new MyTouch HTC phones loaded with Android 2.2. I just love the HD video recording and the camera. I love the “Angry Birds” game that can get my kids’s attention for a while. Then we were all hooked. As busy as I am, who could get any time for games?

Then I need to find something on PC that can take my kids off my phone when I need it. I hate to download anything and install.

You get a very similar game name “Crush the Castle”, which many call “Angry Birds” for PC or “the Online Angry Birds, without installing anything.

Did you know they have “Crush the Castle 2.0“, which gives you more power and unlimited chances, more fun, maybe. The screen sometimes seem to be too small, but you may press Ctl and “+” keys to magnify the whole page if you use Firefox or Chrome.


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