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Bay Area SEO web design is keyword search for our business not our business name.

We work as professional Web marketers and consultants for your business websites. We are independent contractors who focus on small businesses who need more personal care and flexible schedules which enable us to provide just the kind of services you need in a timely manner.

Many other great graphic designers or just web designers cannot compete with us because they really know how to create great graphics only but have little ideas how to promote the website and online business using SEO and social media marketing techniques and experience required for successful business online.

Too many small businesses would rather pay heavily to visual design and neglect online marketing functional design. Great looks and visually attractive websites may get little or no traffic and lead to less return on your investment.

Silicon Valley SEO Web Design

If you search on Google with keyword “Silicon Valley SEO web design”, you can find us on the first page. Our other business site is will appear at the 1st search result page of Google with keyword “Bay Area SEO Web design”. Try it out yourself:

What is the Best CMS for SEO Web Design

From our past 8 years of experience working on our clients’ websites,  WordPress proves to be the best Web publishing system for business websites.  Most of the WordPress developers would agree with us because of so many successful WordPress websites for business.

Once again, I must say, “no, WordPress is not just for blogging, it is a great CMS (content management system) for SEO Web design.”   And we are not just doing Web design, we are doing SEO Web design. What is the difference? You know it by now.

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