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PostHeaderIcon (中文) 进化论学者所犯的错误, 是把生命的产生过于简单化

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

PostHeaderIcon CyberCrime & “Wire Transfer Failure”

Spamming or Fiphing?

I learn that it has been considered CyberCrime and serious security threat:

ACH / WireTransfer Failed spam goes crazy!

(That was WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2011)
I got similar email this morning:

Dear Operator,
WIRE TRANSACTION: FED55349851295791239

Please Review your transaction as soon as possible.

PostHeaderIcon Wishing that I had two heads

2-Head Smart Guy

2-Head Smart Guy

My son’s head is so big and we are lucky that he’s not growing in China. The mile for those babies.

During my middle school, some of my classmates said that I had two heads (if not, “why are you so smart?”)

Can you imagine if you had two heads?

In China, if you and someone think the same way with one standpoint(position), we’d say “一个鼻孔出气” (One nostril outlet or sing the same tune) like this photo ?

Why God Created Us with Two Nostrils?

Why God Created Us with Two Nostrils?

God must got his reason to give us each two nostrils and only one head. Otherwise, we may need to face lots of inconvenience like these two Siamese Twin Girls:

More on “1 Body 2 Souls ~ Abigail and Brittany Hensel”

Can’t have enough? Wake Up America!

P.S. Kaibo’s recent page: Facebook Page 老中新聞網

[youtube 8m5shDPndcY nolink]

Video not available







PostHeaderIcon First Chinese Internet TV in Silicon Valley – DingDing.TV

The trial live show for DingDing.TV will be first on tonight at 6:30.

DingDing.TV (????) will be a great example for Internet Marketing with great contents from famous local TV channel – World Channel, Local News For Chinese with joint efforts of DingDing.TV its own Video Expert and Web Marketing Teams.

Join the live event of “Diana Ding’s Thanksgiving Mixer” in Redwood City of Silicon Valley, California at


where you also a chat room to interact with other audience and the hosts.

PostHeaderIcon Online Chinese Yellow Pages

Online Chinese Yellow Pages vs Printed Ones

I love Sina “The Best Business & Lifestyle Guide” because it is handy or portable like a pocket book.

Then, after I got my GPhone, I believe I prefer its online version at

New competitor,, with a lot of momentum, may meet the needs of many Chinese people and businesses who do business with Chinese. I hope it will become one of the best yellow pages for Chinese and their friends in the USA or North America with the help of Chinese community. 99people has done a lot of community work and contributed a lot and I believe we Chinese American will sure remember to help this new online Chinese yellow pages company to grow in return.

If 99people is open for Web2.0 , they sure can find their own market niche and get their own business.
Their Chinese name: ??? or ????
They try to become ????????????????????. Here’s what they do:
“???????????????????????????????? ????????????, ???????, ???????? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ???????? ???? ??????????????????????????????? ????? ???? ??????????? ????? ????????????????????????????????????????WEB2.0?????????????????????????????????????????????????? – ????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, ???????, ???????? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ???????? ???? ??????????????????????????????? ????? ???? ??????????? ????????????? ????????????????????????????????WEB2.0??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Bay Area/????, Silicon Valley??/?? , ??????????????????????????/???????????????????????????????????? “

PostHeaderIcon ?????Joe Wong

I love Joe Wong, my brother — he’s actually got the same family as mine ? wong=huang, meaning yellow’.

It’s time to get to understand the real sense of humor, we Americans. Not too many people can really understand his humors, even for those who can get every word he said on the David Letterman’s show.

Who may understand fully? Two basic requirements:
1) You need to know the American culture
2)You need to know the Chinese culture, including that in the Chinese communities overseas.

Joe Wong’s Web Site

Respects and salute to Joe, my brother!

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