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PostHeaderIcon Great Chinese Restaurants in Sacramento

Cantonese / Hong Kong Food

Great Place to Stop By for Cantonese Food When You Go to Lake Tahoe

New Hong Kong Wok 顺峰美食 ( Keyword: Shunfeng)
5019 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 454-2828

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順 峰 大 酒 樓 Asian Pearl 2009

6821 Stockton Blvd., #165, Sacramento, CA95828 Tel.: (916) 391-8881 | Fax: (916) 391-8680

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PostHeaderIcon Liyumen SF Koi Palace 鲤鱼门

One of my favorite Dim Sum places of Koi Palace.

Pinyin Search: Liyumen SF 鲤鱼门 (鯉 魚 門 海 鮮 茶 寮), yucai

Two locations in SF Bay Area: 1)365 Gellert Blvd Serramonte Plaza Daly City CA 94015 2)Ulferts Center: 4288 Dublin Blvd Ste 213, Dublin, CA 94568 (Behind Bank of America™) Website: Category: Dim Sum, seafood, Cantonese cuisine 粤菜 (yuecai)

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PostHeaderIcon Hayward Talk Show

Please check out our Chinese version of this post. “Hayward Talk Show” has been started today!
The upcoming “Hayward Talk Show” (HTS) Videos will be in Chinese. You should really learn more Chinese to understand the humor here.

Another Graduate of Sun Yat-Sen University ”來發揚海沃文化“
海峰 魔術 Haifeng Magic:

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PostHeaderIcon First Chinese Internet TV in Silicon Valley – DingDing.TV

The trial live show for DingDing.TV will be first on tonight at 6:30.

DingDing.TV (????) will be a great example for Internet Marketing with great contents from famous local TV channel – World Channel, Local News For Chinese with joint efforts of DingDing.TV its own Video Expert and Web Marketing Teams.

Join the live event of “Diana Ding’s Thanksgiving Mixer” in Redwood City of Silicon Valley, California at


where you also a chat room to interact with other audience and the hosts.

PostHeaderIcon Bayarea Chinese Yellow Pages is doing pretty well in San Francisco Bay Area, it is the best online Yellow Pages for Chinese business and community now. Their sales went up and many of their advertising clients reported great returns on their investments in their ads.

99People does not just advertise online for you; they give guidance and help for your online marketing. With their success in Bay Area and Silicon Valley, they are expanding their business to Las Vegas, New York and other major cities. Their business listing is free, better than craigslist (it is not just the Chinese version of Craigslist but they take a step forward for a better business model.) It’s like Craigslist for using the Web2.0 business model. Want to find the contact info for Chinese business such as Chinese or Japanese restaurant? Get it quickly and easily from

PostHeaderIcon ?????Joe Wong

I love Joe Wong, my brother — he’s actually got the same family as mine ? wong=huang, meaning yellow’.

It’s time to get to understand the real sense of humor, we Americans. Not too many people can really understand his humors, even for those who can get every word he said on the David Letterman’s show.

Who may understand fully? Two basic requirements:
1) You need to know the American culture
2)You need to know the Chinese culture, including that in the Chinese communities overseas.

Joe Wong’s Web Site

Respects and salute to Joe, my brother!

PostHeaderIcon Learn Chinese in Fremont, Bayarea, SF, CA

The web site for “Learn Chinese in Fremont” is up and running.
If you are interested in advertise with us, please contact us at Kaibo Contact form.

We are number # in Google search results. Watch this url and it may pop up soon.

List all schools,preschool,after schools and day care center where your kids can learn Chinese.
Contact us if you want a referal from us.

Learn Chinese in Fremont/Newark/Union City (Tricity)

Again, we have group and one-on-one class to learn Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese in Fremont Tricity area. Business or daily Chinese may be learned with our flexible well-designed courses.

PostHeaderIcon Chinese Dim Sum

Do you know of a good Dim Sum place? Let us know.

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