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PostHeaderIcon Chinese Yellow Pages 中文黃頁

Updates:  Back in 2009, I was working with an online Chinese yellow page. Now let’s see who is doing better.  The following data was updated as of June 14, 2012.

URL Alexa Ranking Major Covered Areas 10,373 New York, San Francisco, L.A. 248,440 S. Cal, N. Cal, Texas, NY, Vegas, Vancorver 874,034 CA, TX, NY, NV, Canada,etc 2,467 Bay Area, Sacromento, Reno/Tahoe, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York 558,475 N. Cal

PostHeaderIcon Bayarea Chinese Yellow Pages is doing pretty well in San Francisco Bay Area, it is the best online Yellow Pages for Chinese business and community now. Their sales went up and many of their advertising clients reported great returns on their investments in their ads.

99People does not just advertise online for you; they give guidance and help for your online marketing. With their success in Bay Area and Silicon Valley, they are expanding their business to Las Vegas, New York and other major cities. Their business listing is free, better than craigslist (it is not just the Chinese version of Craigslist but they take a step forward for a better business model.) It’s like Craigslist for using the Web2.0 business model. Want to find the contact info for Chinese business such as Chinese or Japanese restaurant? Get it quickly and easily from

PostHeaderIcon Some Talented and Famous Chinese IT Icons

Jack Ma (Chinese: 马云; pinyin: Mǎ Yún; born November 1964) is Alibaba Group founder & CEO

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