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PostHeaderIcon What Is Your Browser?

When debugging for the website, it is important to get the information about the user’s agent ( or the browser they use). We have a quick way to help the user report their problem along with the browser info. Just go to ( What’s my browser ? ), and then copy the details of the browser and paste it into the email message to our tech support department.   We make it easy for the users to report their browser issues. If you have any other problems, please let us know.

Time to Use Chrome Browser

Because for many Windows users, Internet Explorer is the default browser, they may not give Chrome a try yet. There are two major reasons to use Chrome Browser instead of Internet Explorer or IE: 1) It is more secure (That is why now Chrome is the most popular browser, according to Chrome’s market share is the biggest. As of Oct, 2012, Chrome 37%, IE 26.17%, Firefox 23.18% ) 2) It is faster: ( do not just take my words for it, but please read the following article.)

Google Chrome Is 22 Times Faster than IE10 – Developer – Softpedia › NewsMicrosoftInternet Explorer

Nov 15, 2012 – Google Chrome Is 22 Times Faster than IE10 – Developer. Internet Explorer 10 absolutely shines on Windows 8 and it’s ready to provide a


Which Browser is Best for Security? – eSecurity Planet › Browser Security

Mar 2, 2012 – The winner: Chrome. Accuvant’s analysis concluded that Chrome was, by far, more secure than IE. In turn, IE was found to be somewhat more

PostHeaderIcon Chrome Master Password

An update for Chrome master password, as of 5/22/2011 and as far as I know, you cannot have a master password to protect your saved password in Chrome, the Google web browser.  It is a shame that Google has been turning a deaf ear or just play dumb on this issue. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Is Your PC Too Slow?

Lots of my friends ask me this question very often as they know I am a computer geek.

I believe when you first got your pc, you loved its speed and freshness. Is your computer too old or just tired? Hehe, machines don’t get tired! You may just need to know that most of the time, the problem is your computer needs a cleanup.

Yes, many people understand that you may need to clean up your hard drive or do defrag with a good disk defragmenter. All this may be very time consuming and you may get the risk of either losing your data or cripple your favorite applications (when you remove some useful system files by mistake).

For this reason, I sometimes had to remotely control my friends’ computers and spent hours online. Maybe there’s some better solution?

For more details, you may check this out:How to speed up your? Click Here!

The best tip for speeding up your pc

Back up your huge photo, video, and mp3 sound data to DVD, USB or firewire portable drives. After the backup, disconnect from your pc and put backup in a safe place. Connecting your pc to portable storage is convenient, but keeping it connected could slow down your computer.

Other tips:Try to stop some unnecessary indexing processes in the background, and get some nice spyware removers.
For more details, you may check this out:How to speed up your? Click Here!

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