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Did Alexa miss the real traffic of your web site?
I believe that you do something about it.

How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Install Sparky: Alexa Toolbar

You can install your Firefox Alexa Toolbar and set your own site as your default home page. Your own traffic to your site may contribute a bit. But nobody can really understand how they calculate the ranking.

Alexa Widget does not help Alexa Ranking – Proven or Not

Someone post a blog saying he has proven that Alexa Widget is useless in helping your Alexa ranking. The reason:

To prove my point, I checked the code of the alexa widget which is a script pointing to a .js script. Curiously, I opened it and to my surprise found nothing but three functions, namely: AlexaSiteStatsWidget (For getting the code of the widget) , getFullURL(For getting the webites URL) and encode64(For putting both onto the page).

This observation is not really correct as said

What browser you use, what operating system you use, your geographic location, and how many times youve been to the site – all of these things can be trivially tracked just by you loading an image from a remote server. The fact theres no obvious javascript to track this information doesnt mean that its not done.”

I agree with Fwaggle in that point. Whether or not Alexa put that tracking into their ranking calculation is always a myth.( or trade secrete?)

It doesn’t hurt much if you just put it on your site. So one way that may help Alexa record your traffic like Sparky is to put Alexa Site Widget on most pages of your site like this one:
<SCRIPT type=’text/javascript’ language=’JavaScript’ src=’’></SCRIPT>

<SCRIPT type=’text/javascript’ language=’JavaScript’ src=’’></SCRIPT>

( I know the ranking is low now. was one higher ranking than 200,000 , the bigger the number, the lower the ranking )

Update Site information

Update Alexa Site Information using their Site Owner Tools at This may be pretty useful for brand new domain.

To many people, Alexa ranking does not mean anything because they complain about its inaccuracy. Estimates or stats may never be accurate, but still it is a benchmark, something better than nothing. Some people sing praise about Compete, but their number can be much worst when we look at my clients’ site rankings and their web server logs and Google Analytics as they do not listen to users’ input and feedback, only doing what they ‘think’ is correct.

PostHeaderIcon Dot-tel (.tel ) domain heros – new technology

Well, Dot-tel may not be using ‘new’ technology, but it certainly open up a new perspective for Internet world.

If you are so used to the .com or .net domains, you need to think carefully before you buy a .tel domain because .tel domains may not be what you expect.

Check out these .tel pioneers and find out how their web sites are different from the regular web sites:

The lowest prices for .tel domains?
I got one at 8.95 at, but other registrar may charge you from $9.50 to $30.

My .tel site will list the top schools, web sites and places in China, US, Canada to learn Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese.

Watch for our updates.

PostHeaderIcon Number one Chinese chat room to learn Chinese has the best chat room for Chinese learners to chat in Pinyin, Chinese, and English.
You don’t need an account and you can drop by any time 24 hours a day. You may always find someone to chat with.

Why is it Number One?Google Chinese chat. The first organic result is ChineseBay!

Their URL is:

PostHeaderIcon RebTel Save More When You call India

RebTel has a very good call plan for you to call India for only 2.9 cents a minute.
Why not give it a trial today? I use it and never look for another phone card or VoIP service.

For Chinese callers,
RebTel also has a great solution for you to call China from your US celphone, you can call each other for free with their Smart Call (not with your computers but with your regular land line or cell phones.) Why not sign up for free account with free minutes today?


PostHeaderIcon Is Scam or Not

Before you sign up, think carefully and read all the fine print. For many people who did sign up from his link, they feel being scammed. Why? Check this out at

If they tell the visitors up front about their Terms and Conditions (the fine print at the bottom), which are usually ignored when they excite the visitor so much and push visitors with the time-is-running scare tactics, they would never say they are scam. What does the fine print say? “You have also subscribed to a fourteen-day trial to IPlanFinancial for just $38.34 a month and every month thereafter should you chose not to cancel. Prior charges for all programs are non-refundable but bonus subscriptions can be cancelled and future charges stopped at any time by calling toll free 888-247-3851.

If you choose to sign up for this product and pay the recurring monthly charges using a debit card you hereby provide pre-authorization and consent that may charge $77.82 on a monthly basis. ” Does it sound familiar? People may also find this kind of selling pitch at PayDayProject’s offer. Among them, you can find Some good friends of mine forwarded this fine print about “Also, by continuing you understand this offer includes a 14-Day Free Trial to the website, which can help you create an additional income using the tools and strategies inside. After the 14-Day Free Trial period, you will continue to enjoy full membership at an affordable $39.95 per month billed automatically to your credit card. Rest assured, this FREE bonus offer can be cancelled at anytime during the trial period or anytime thereafter by simply calling (800) 890-7947” after they were charged on their credit card before they knew it.

PostHeaderIcon Alexa Interface Change for site ranking Breaks Firefox Extensions …

It was still working yesterday. But today all is changed, for the good, I hope.
Alexa site traffic ranking interface change happened today. It breaks Firefox Extension Search Status and Opera Wedgit Alexa Site Info. When click from the Extension, we got “Page Not Found” I hope the author can update with the change soon.

PostHeaderIcon MS ebook to learn Chinese grammar

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