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PostHeaderIcon is born and presents Mandarin Chinese Word/Sentence of The Day by teaching 800 Chinese words with 800 sentences. You can actually communicate pretty well with the most popular 800 Chinese words.

Of course, to advance your Chinese level, it is also suggested that you learn another 800 and another 800 Chinese characters (2400 to 3000) so that you may read most of the Chinese articles and talk to any Chinese.

Haven’t learn much Chinese yet? Why not start today with

PostHeaderIcon Learn Chinese in Fremont, Bayarea, SF, CA

The web site for “Learn Chinese in Fremont” is up and running.
If you are interested in advertise with us, please contact us at Kaibo Contact form.

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List all schools,preschool,after schools and day care center where your kids can learn Chinese.
Contact us if you want a referal from us.

Learn Chinese in Fremont/Newark/Union City (Tricity)

Again, we have group and one-on-one class to learn Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese in Fremont Tricity area. Business or daily Chinese may be learned with our flexible well-designed courses.

PostHeaderIcon Learn Chinese in Fremont, CA

Learn Chinese in Fremont, Union City, Newark (Tri-city) or just East Bay, California

We have three locations for our Chinese School for Saturday class.

Please contact us for more information.

We also have a one-on-one Business Chinese class ( you can either meet face-to-face or online through online meeting/conference). Learn Chinese for business opportunities.

Please contact me at our Contact form

PostHeaderIcon Beta is launched

With the support and encouragement from many visitors and friends, beta is ready to use. Weekly update will be available after July 1st, 2008.

Its RSS feed: with your best RSS reader and get automatic update easily and start your Cantonese immersion now.

PostHeaderIcon Differences between Taiwan Mandarin and Mainland Mandarin (Putonghua)

Most of us already know that Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters while Mainland China uses simplified ones.

Did you notice that Mandarin spoken in Taiwan is different from Putonghua in Mainland China?

1?software: ruan3 jian4?? (Mainland/putonghua ), ruan3 ti3 ??(Taiwan)

2?A and B: A he2 B (putonghua), A han4 B (Taiwan, the old pronunciation in Beijing )

3?authentic/true: di4 dao4 (putonghua), dao4 di4 (taiwan, but also understood in Mainland?

4?hand in hand: xie2 shou3??(mainland), xi1 shou3??(TW)

information: xin4 xin1?? (mainland), zi1 xun4 ??(TW)

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PostHeaderIcon Differences between Cantonese and Mandarin

Most of the characters used in Cantonese and Mandarin are the same, but do you know there are lots of differences between the two languages?

Let’s discuss it here:

1. Promunciation
a)There are more tones in Cantonese ( 6 vs. 4 in Cantonese )
b)There are initial and and final in each syllable in both, but many finals in Cantonese cannot be found in Mandarin.

2. different wording or phrases in Cantonese…
Often Cantonese uses very different words for the same thing.
Cantonese Mandarin English
?? lou2 dau4 ?? lao3 ba4 father
?? mai4 dan1 ?? jie1 zhang4 pay for the bill



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