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PostHeaderIcon ?????Joe Wong

I love Joe Wong, my brother — he’s actually got the same family as mine ? wong=huang, meaning yellow’.

It’s time to get to understand the real sense of humor, we Americans. Not too many people can really understand his humors, even for those who can get every word he said on the David Letterman’s show.

Who may understand fully? Two basic requirements:
1) You need to know the American culture
2)You need to know the Chinese culture, including that in the Chinese communities overseas.

Joe Wong’s Web Site

Respects and salute to Joe, my brother!

PostHeaderIcon I lost my job, I hate China!

I feel sad for us Americans saying that. Since when we brave Americans have begun being afraid of competition? “I hate China for getting me out of job because they sold cheap products to us.” sounds like a frog in the bottom of the deep well.

An ignorant writer put an outrageous article in a free (cheap) local newspaper titled “Scre* China”. My friend

Dr. Puxiao Cen said:
Opinion supported by rhetoric is the last refugee of the obtuse. Since there is barely a shred of fact in your feature on China and Wal-Mart, it is evident that you lack the power of basic analysis and logic. Holding China accountable for the USs dwindling manufacturing base shows the sorry state of the education you received. Since the Industrial Revolution, the center of the manufacturing and textile industry has shifted from Britain to the northeastern US, then to the South, and now overseas. The reason for the transition has always been resources (both human and raw materials). The British dont blame us for the demise of their manufacturing base. They changed their focus and advanced. We need to adapt to the changing market place.

As for the quality of the goods imported into the US, that is simply another result of market forces. Quality and price are inversely proportional. The purchaser and the manufacturer need to agree on the minimum quality specifications and then monitor the products with the input of regulatory agencies. If the oranges from Groveland are hard, tasteless, and dry, then no one will buy them more than once. Another lessona repeat customer is cheaper to maintain than obtaining a new customer. (You may want to check that with your publisher too many readers who stop reading your publication due features like Scre* China and you wont have a job).

Also, your assertion that Every time you save 37 cents on a 15-pack of toilet paper you put an American out of work. (OK, I cant actually prove that, but the working theory is correct.) Wal-Mart gets approximately 97 percent of the junk they sell from China, so buying there is un-American is ludicrous. If an American is out of work because of toilet paper, then our society has let them down because we have not allowed normal supply and demand to adjust the job market. Guess what country used to support failing industries and manufacturing endeavorsChina. They moved away from that policy after the Cultural Revolution because it does not work. By buying from Wal-Mart, we are supporting an employer that has made it possible for many of the lower income families to survive. By purchasing at the lowest possible prices, selling at a smaller margin, and moving a huge volume, Wal-Mart is able to help Americans survive and thrive. How many MILLIONS of Americans have had their lives literally saved because of the $4 medication program? The people who shop at Wal-Mart are the true foundation of Americathey are hard-working, diligent folks from all races, colors, creeds, and walks of life. You, Bob W*****(protected to safe his family reputation, maybe use Baby as he’s so immature), are Un-American. (Actually, you can be accurately characterized as a borderline communist and isolationist…and yes, that is a bad thing).

Maybe for Christmas you should ask for a history book or two, a couple about business and economics, and one on journalism. Someday you will gain some maturity and perspective. Furthermore, if you EVER feel the need to write ANYTHING ever again, then please make sure that you beyond basic rhetoric and actually do some research and analysis. It is amazing how much that can open your mind and your eyes.

As an American, I really feel ashame of this Bob “Baby” trying to humilate himself and us Americans by not trying his head to think. Wake up, Bob! Buy China also means buy US. It’s global economy, man! Stand up and be as brave as our pioneers and a great competition with the world. We Americans are not cowards, are we?


My friend Dr. Puxiao Cen continued to write to the editor who is ignorant enough to publish this article:


Dear Editor of Orlando ***** (the free cheap local newspaper),

I am amazed that you would publish such a vitriolic article targeted against China and Chinese people, as if in some way this is supposed to put us in the Christmas spirit. Are we really going to blame the impoverished factory worker in

China for Americas problems? The Chinese work 14 hours a day in crowded factories to earn a few bucks with no benefits. Wal-Mart does their counting in the billions. Whos taking advantage of whom? Whos next on your list this season, Bob Cratchit? I realize China is a safe target for you, probably much safer than taking on corporate America. After all, you probably only have to deal with a dozen letters from angry Chinese, as opposed to some giant corporation which might somehow be offended. At any rate, nobody is happy with lead-based paint, and everyone agrees there should be more regulation. Also, you may think you are being funny, but I just think you are ignorant.P.S.Bob Cratchit is the abused, underpaid clerk in Charles Dickens’ AChristmas Carol.P.S.

Oh by the way, with the degree of ignorance and stupidity in your article, I suspect that this inflammatory piece was put out there to fulfill the publisher’s agenda of collecting E-mail addresses to build the database of its readership,targeting Asian readers in this instance. Thistactic enables the publishers toquickly increase the market value of their “magazine”, which might be sold for a good price in the future.


When we lose our jobs because others are doing better in interview with better talents, should we just hate those guys or even take out our guns to shoot them. That is coward. Yes, you are a coward when you use a gun. Use your head, that is God’s blessings onto everyone. Don’t waste it.


If you just love movies, and all kinds of fun and being lazy, you just need to blame yourself.

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