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PostHeaderIcon The New Batman Movie with a Bad Remark

We are the lucky ones who could be among the first to see Batman 2008 last night.

I like action movies, all of them, good or bad. From 1 to 10 (poor to great), I could only give this movie 6. I still love the first modern Batman movie the best.

In this one, Harvey Dent, Gotham’s new District Attorney, made a remark with no taste: “next time you need a better gun, don’t buy ‘made in China’, buy ‘made in the US’ “. Wow! The US is the best killing weapon producer? Is that the reason we US armies fight around the world with its self-made weapons for a ‘noble cause’?

I used to buy made-in-the-US for its supreme quality and advance in hi-tech, but for our daily consumer products, I would, like lots of other Americans, like to choose the reasonably priced quality products from China, from places like Dollar Tree, WalMart to BestBuy and Macy’s. Why? Because when we buy these products, we are actually help the US itself as well as the Chinese, who are making efforts to improve its developing country status. All these American companies profit a lot from these quality products from China — they are global businesses, having their own share in the production in China. Just let us expert hi-tech products which we make the best for higher profits to enjoy the benefits of cheaper labors in other countries. Without these benefits, we Americans could have been much poorers and our US dollars would have been cheapers…. if that time would come, we American, most of us, would not be able to afford travelling abroad because of the depreciation of the US dollar.

As an action movie lovers, I actually love peace and no wars. Let’s not start another war. We are voting for the Democratics because we are in hope that we will have a new president who will not be foolish enough to start any wars. I’m glad we didn’t take our 3 and a half year old or other kids even though we got some extra tickets. This movie is not for kids because it is too violent. It is, to our disappointment, not a movie against violence, but showing violence or show people how to enjoy violence.

Batman, too bad, you have to face a world with more violence, which seems to be enjoyed by so many people. The Dark Knight will have to face a darker future, a darker world if we do not try to light up the world peace and love for one another.

You will understand why I think the way:

The Dark Knight (2008)
Director: Christapher Nolan

User Rating: 9.7/10 ( sorry my rating is much lower… not my cup of tea.)

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