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PostHeaderIcon Used Cars in Dublin, Pleasanton and East Bay

Are you interested in buying a reliable and affordable used car?

Look for some car expert you can consult with?

Robert Liu works in Dublin and can help you with what you need and answer all your questions about how to save in buying a used car or new car.

His new web site is up now:
Yes, that is East Bay Auto for sale!

PostHeaderIcon Used Cars — in Trivalley, Northern California

Get the most affordable, reliable used cars with the best value in Trivalley, Northern Califoria.
We have the big selection every week.

I have a good friend Robert in Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon (which is called Tri-valley in Northern California).

He’s an expert in used cars for over 12 years. He can speak Chinese and English very well.

If you need a good reliable used car within your budget, give me a call and leave a message, we can sure find what you want.

Their used cars are not limited to only Toyota, you can find Honda, and American cars too.


Chinese helping Chinese new comers.

We are good Americans too.

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