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PostHeaderIcon Need A HD Video Camera for Webmarketing?

You may get one for under $400:
Great HD Video Camera for your website: Sony HDRCX130 Handycam Camcorder(black) (click HERE to buy)

PostHeaderIcon Special Deals from iTalkTV



1. 注册2年合约$24.99计划,送第25、26个月免费,再注册iTalkTV可获得TV前6个月免费

2. 注册2年合约$24.99计划,前3个月$14.99/月,再注册iTalkTV可获得TV前6个月免费

· BB计划:免开户费,赠送1年免费中国回拨950号码,以及两部手机每月500分钟国际长途通话时长

· TV计划:1年合约,免开户费,免设备押金,前6个月免费,第7-12个月$9.99/月

· 电话和电视均有30天免费试用退款保证,试用期后合约内取消则需收取取消费均为$69.99

PostHeaderIcon Hayward Talk Show

Please check out our Chinese version of this post. “Hayward Talk Show” has been started today!
The upcoming “Hayward Talk Show” (HTS) Videos will be in Chinese. You should really learn more Chinese to understand the humor here.

Another Graduate of Sun Yat-Sen University ”來發揚海沃文化“
海峰 魔術 Haifeng Magic:

PostHeaderIcon OpenOffice Tutorials: Track Changes in Word Document

Yes, you can save some money by using OpenOffice if you cannot afford Microsoft Word on every computer you use for word processing.

Today, we are going to show to how to track changes in your word document using OpenOffice Writer (the free alternative to Microsoft Word)
( Portable is a complete office suite — including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package and database — packaged as a portable app, so you can take all your documents and everything you need to work with them wherever you go. You may download it here: )

How to Track Changes in Your Word Document with OpenOffice Writer


How to Track Changes in Your Word Document with OpenOffice Writer

(Part2) presents “How to Track Changes in OpenOffice Writer”, the free tool like Microsoft Word. Simple step:
1. Open the document you want to edit
2. Go to Edit in menu and select “Changes” and then “Record”
3. When you want to finalize the document, you can go to “Changes” menu again and select “Accept or Reject” and go through all the changes

Microsoft Word is a great tool for word processing. Buy it if you can afford so you can support them for more good products. But if you cannot afford it, you can still get your work done with this alternative.

PostHeaderIcon Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet

I’m still considering buying a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. These two 7-inch WiFi tablets, both with 1GHz dual core processor, run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Nook Tablet is $50 more expensive, but it gives you bigger RAM (1 GB, double of Kindle’s 512MB, which means faster or smoother browsing or multitasking on Nook) and its IPS display is said to make outdoor reading and video look brighter and clearer than the Kindle Fire.
Nook Tablet: 16 GB Storage + a microSDHC slot compatible with cards up to 32 GB in size
Kindle Fire: 8 GB Storage but only 6 GB free for you to store docs, apps, music and movies. (no expandable;cannot use SD cards)

The most attractive thing about Nook is that it has a microphone while Kindle doesn’t.
The biggest turn-off for Nook is that it doesn’t allow you to view Kindle books (Maybe people can figure out a hack to enable you to read Kindle books.) but it supports ePub, a e-book format that enables you to load books on several devices (ePub books are blocked by Kindle Fire).
Here’s a great video on the differences of these two:

Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet

Interesting News from Wikipedia:

2 days after the Kindle Fire release, hackers have successfully rooted the Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick.[29] While it has been rooted, users reported of Amazon Prime and Video pop up a dialogue box saying that the device is not configured to watch videos properly. A solution for this problem can be found by clicking the dialogue.[30]

The recent update by Amazon however, removes root and apps in system/apps not shipped originally with the Kindle. A member in the xda-developers forum has posted a fix, following the update.[31]

Which One Should I Buy? Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet?

Well, I may buy Nook Tablet first and then shell out some extra money to get Kindle Fire too. I just love these Android tablets!

Why do I need a Kindle?

Besides access to Amazon Appstore,[6] the Kindle Fire includes a cloud-accelerated “split browser” called Amazon Silk using Amazon EC2for off-device cloud computation; including webpage layout and rendering, and Google’s SPDY protocol for faster webpage content transmission.[23][24][25]


PostHeaderIcon Google TV

With Google TV, you can get the best of the two worlds, the TV and the Web!

Nowadays, we can watch so many great videos, movies and favorite TV shows on our computer. But sometimes, we just want a bigger screen or want to recording the shows available via the Web onto our DVR or DVD recorders( the ones that connects with the TV box.) Here come the Google TV, with great search and much more. I know that PS3 or Xbox can do something similar, but I believe that the resolution that Google offers is superior.

The price? $179! Only found with, this deal will not last long. Call us now at 510-288-8761!

Incredible resolution is available on your TV now!

You may watch almost everything available from your computer on your TV with great resolution.
Want to watch more about it? Here’s another intro:

We got the Best Deal on Google TV

For only $179, you can get Google TV from Oceanver Vision Corp. Call us now at 510-288-8761 for details. Restrictions apply and this promotional sale may expire soon. Get it while it is still available

PostHeaderIcon First Chinese Internet TV in Silicon Valley – DingDing.TV

The trial live show for DingDing.TV will be first on tonight at 6:30.

DingDing.TV (????) will be a great example for Internet Marketing with great contents from famous local TV channel – World Channel, Local News For Chinese with joint efforts of DingDing.TV its own Video Expert and Web Marketing Teams.

Join the live event of “Diana Ding’s Thanksgiving Mixer” in Redwood City of Silicon Valley, California at


where you also a chat room to interact with other audience and the hosts.

PostHeaderIcon Fix Youtube Were sorry, this video is no longer available

Yes, it is pretty annoying when you see this Were sorry, this video is no longer available when the video is actually still there (not removed for copyright violation or something wrong from the author.)

1) Many people found the major cause is “Google Web Accelerator”. “dont accelerate this website may not fix it the problem. You have to click Stop Google Web Accelerator and shut it down completely. Then revisit the youtube video(refresh the page), you will be able to view the video you missed.

2) Still got problem? Another way to try is to change the “?” and “=” to “/” like the following example: change to

3) Solution #3: If you love your Web Accelerator so much, just go to its “Preferences”

(http://localhost:9100/preferences) and put the “” in the domain list to tell it leave the site alone. ” Don’t Accelerate These Sites”

Note that do not miss the “.” before “” to include all its subdomains.

Did you find your solutions? Let us know which way works best for you and we’ll share it with others here. Thank you!


PostHeaderIcon Panda Escape! -熊猫越狱!

Panda Escape!-熊猫越狱!

PostHeaderIcon Next American Idol

The Next American IdolAdd to My Profile | More Videos

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