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PostHeaderIcon Protect Your Privacy on Facebook:Don’t show your birthday.

In my strong personal opinion, a website should never ask for your accurate date of birth. (They should only ask you to confirm that you are above 13 or 21 )

Unfortunately, Facebook shows your birthday by default and many facebook users don’t even know that strangers as well as your friends can see your DOB, which can usually be a security question for your bank.

If you can care for your friends, share this post on your wall.
Double check your own privacy settings. Here’s how:

Share this post and video and your friends would appreciate it. You need to remember that Facebook or Gmail or Yahoo usually require you to be over 13 to have an account with them.

PostHeaderIcon QQ the most popular software for Chinese: New 2013 Version beta


It’s beta now, but many people would give it a try. It’s the most popular instant massenger but it is more than that.

You may download QQ 2013 here.


PostHeaderIcon Facebook Scam: Two free Southwest tickets

Everybody loves freebies, and the “good news” can easily spread via social media!

But mind you, you may be trapped as a victim!  I almost fell victim by a good friend who tagged me in one of his uploaded photo of “Two Free Southwest Tickets” and I thought it was fun and tagged one of my friends and very soon realized that it was mistake. I quickly removed the tags and warned all my friends.

So for

“Facebook Security”

we need to

1) be careful of something that sounds too too good to be true (Google it to find out before we pass it on”;

2)when you find a scam, help fight it by passing the warning quickly to your friends around (especially those related to the mistake action)

3)don’t accept just any friend invitation before you at least check his/her profile. (Facebook is working hard to help users to keep real profiles, but sometimes the efforts do not work very well so some people (spammers) may have completely false profile);

4)remember you are somehow responsible for your friends too. (sometimes, your friends just accept the dangerous invitation just because you are a mutual friend of the spammer.) Let’s make our own efforts on our sites and keep Facebook a safer online community.


PostHeaderIcon Kaibo2.0

Kaibo2.0 means it’s a Kaibo graded like from Web to Web2.0!
We have set up a Youtube channel Kaibo2.0 Youtube Shows

If you follow us at this site or the Kaibo2.0 Youtube Shows, you can benefit a lot from Kaibo2.0 because

Kaibo2.0 is not just Kaibo but a brand new Kaibo with Web2.0, Tech2.0, Business2.0 concepts of the 21st Century and experience dated from the last century. 凯波2.0 是崭新的凯波。他拥有Web2.0,技术2.0,商业2.0等21世纪全新的概念,同时又有从上个世纪延伸下来的丰富经验。

Kaibo2.0 is about Web technology while it is also about Chinese language and culture and American English, Australian English, and British English. This is because Kaibo, I mean Kaibo2.0, is from China and grew up in the United States and graduated from Zhongda ( Sun Yat-Sen University) with a B.A. degree in English and graduated from South-Eastern Nova University ( ) with an International MBA (they call it MIBA) and lots of experience in Unix and Internet from its famous Unix system and Internet connection (at that time, in early 1990’s, they were pretty advanced.)

Actually, Kaibo was upgraded to Kaibo2.0 in Miami in 1992 (I was reborn spiritually and saved then). Back in 1996, if you search the Web for Kaibo, I was the one and only Kaibo. This situation even last to the successful years of Yahoo. Now, if you search for Kaibo2 or Kaibo2.0 on Google or Bing, you will still get us. Thank you, Google and Bing.

From year 2012, Kaibo2.0, 凱波2.0, 凯波2.0 became a trade mark of for Web Technology, Chinese language and culture and entertainment. All rights reserved.

PostHeaderIcon Drupal or WordPress As Web Application Framework

It is amazing to find so many people or companies are starting using PHP frameworks such as Symfony, phpCake, or Zend Framework only in order to create their own CMS systems. I’m not saying that these PHP frameworks are no good, but I am talking about how to efficiently develop a great Web application or CMS (content management system) or a business Web site, corporate Intranet with the best available resources. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Watch CNET CES2011 Live Show

I’m a big fan of CNET and CES. Can’t wait for the live show of CES 2011 by CNET.
It will be live this Thursday at 9:00am EST.
Let’s watch and chat about it! Click this for the live video

2011 International CES Live This Thur.

PostHeaderIcon BlogSuccess2.0 – Blogging Success Classroom

Finally, I’ve found a really good online classroom that really helps people to blog about their special interests and make a living from home.

I’ve been building Web sites for others since 1996, but never thought seriously how to use my own Web sites or blogs to make big money. I only did mine as a hobby. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that as I can also work as a certified Professional Internet Marketers and Web developer, which may still find a big market. I do enjoy working from home very often as I take care of the kids.

Recently I went to some Web success seminar which reminded me that we can make more money in a more efficient way. They showed me their bank account and the real income from the affiliate marketing commissions, as much as 10,000 a month. They are willing to teach you how they did it. However, at the end of the seminar, they wanted to sell you training (valued at $52,000) for $1,600. I would buy it if I didn’t find this better Blog Success 2.0 Online Classroom. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Is The Flagship Of 99People

Foster City Based 99People, Inc. started from, and now its business has expanded to many other US cities.

When talking to some of the 99people advertising clients, we learned that the most extractive feature of this Chinese online yellow page, or business listing is branding building. With its online discount coupon feature, the business branding has been proved very helpful. It’s even more effective than radio or TV commercial”, said one of the business owners.

The result of business/service/sale listing is often quick but not lasting. The free classified listings on last long and can help client web sites build brand impression a lot.

99people’s Web2.0 features has been the main reason for them to become a leading Chinese Yellow Page online. Many native American businesses have realized that 99people can help them to expand their market into the growing Chinese communities in major cities of North America. Alexa ranking is rising rapidly in the past months.

Alexa traffic rank for

7 day avg 180,847
1 month avg 202,123
3 month avg 282,866
3 month change -287,100

Its momentum is promising!

PostHeaderIcon Bayarea Chinese Yellow Pages is doing pretty well in San Francisco Bay Area, it is the best online Yellow Pages for Chinese business and community now. Their sales went up and many of their advertising clients reported great returns on their investments in their ads.

99People does not just advertise online for you; they give guidance and help for your online marketing. With their success in Bay Area and Silicon Valley, they are expanding their business to Las Vegas, New York and other major cities. Their business listing is free, better than craigslist (it is not just the Chinese version of Craigslist but they take a step forward for a better business model.) It’s like Craigslist for using the Web2.0 business model. Want to find the contact info for Chinese business such as Chinese or Japanese restaurant? Get it quickly and easily from

PostHeaderIcon Online Chinese Yellow Pages

Online Chinese Yellow Pages vs Printed Ones

I love Sina “The Best Business & Lifestyle Guide” because it is handy or portable like a pocket book.

Then, after I got my GPhone, I believe I prefer its online version at

New competitor,, with a lot of momentum, may meet the needs of many Chinese people and businesses who do business with Chinese. I hope it will become one of the best yellow pages for Chinese and their friends in the USA or North America with the help of Chinese community. 99people has done a lot of community work and contributed a lot and I believe we Chinese American will sure remember to help this new online Chinese yellow pages company to grow in return.

If 99people is open for Web2.0 , they sure can find their own market niche and get their own business.
Their Chinese name: ??? or ????
They try to become ????????????????????. Here’s what they do:
“???????????????????????????????? ????????????, ???????, ???????? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ???????? ???? ??????????????????????????????? ????? ???? ??????????? ????? ????????????????????????????????????????WEB2.0?????????????????????????????????????????????????? – ????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, ???????, ???????? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ???????? ???? ??????????????????????????????? ????? ???? ??????????? ????????????? ????????????????????????????????WEB2.0??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Bay Area/????, Silicon Valley??/?? , ??????????????????????????/???????????????????????????????????? “

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