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PostHeaderIcon I like the new features of WordPress 2.6.1 – auto plugin update

Upgrade Plugin

Downloading update from

Unpacking the update

Deactivating the plugin

Removing the old version of the plugin

Installing the latest version

Plugin upgraded successfully

Attempting reactivation of the plugin

Plugin reactivated successfully.

Comment: Wow! They have made plugin update like a breeze! Nice job!

PostHeaderIcon “Getting back in shape” a good book for $0.01?

Getting Back in Shape

Bought the book from for $4.98 but found it is just 0.40 on

Get your online store at

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PostHeaderIcon A good way to learn Chinese

Blip.TV :Mandarin Chinese Video Lesson 1 good video sharing quality.

Three different links for different format/resolution:

PostHeaderIcon Web3.0 is Coming? Forget Web2.0, Hello Web3.0

What? They said Web3.0 is coming.

Web2.0 is a fad or opportunities for us?

developerWorks Interviews: Carol Jones on Web 2.0 technology

Take it on and you can win.

PostHeaderIcon Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials, Web2.0, Web3.0

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

This article id was for Web3.0 and Web2.0 …

Top 10 Web2.0 Sites are:

  5. …

Shall we use the Alexa ranking as a norm?

Then what are the top 10 Web3.0 sites:

  1. Well, where are the judges? have we got the right definition of Web3.0 yet? Some said the Web3.0 would come around between 2010 and 2020, we are still in the era of Web2.0…
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