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PostHeaderIcon Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet

I’m still considering buying a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. These two 7-inch WiFi tablets, both with 1GHz dual core processor, run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Nook Tablet is $50 more expensive, but it gives you bigger RAM (1 GB, double of Kindle’s 512MB, which means faster or smoother browsing or multitasking on Nook) and its IPS display is said to make outdoor reading and video look brighter and clearer than the Kindle Fire.
Nook Tablet: 16 GB Storage + a microSDHC slot compatible with cards up to 32 GB in size
Kindle Fire: 8 GB Storage but only 6 GB free for you to store docs, apps, music and movies. (no expandable;cannot use SD cards)

The most attractive thing about Nook is that it has a microphone while Kindle doesn’t.
The biggest turn-off for Nook is that it doesn’t allow you to view Kindle books (Maybe people can figure out a hack to enable you to read Kindle books.) but it supports ePub, a e-book format that enables you to load books on several devices (ePub books are blocked by Kindle Fire).
Here’s a great video on the differences of these two:

Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet

Interesting News from Wikipedia:

2 days after the Kindle Fire release, hackers have successfully rooted the Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick.[29] While it has been rooted, users reported of Amazon Prime and Video pop up a dialogue box saying that the device is not configured to watch videos properly. A solution for this problem can be found by clicking the dialogue.[30]

The recent update by Amazon however, removes root and apps in system/apps not shipped originally with the Kindle. A member in the xda-developers forum has posted a fix, following the update.[31]

Which One Should I Buy? Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet?

Well, I may buy Nook Tablet first and then shell out some extra money to get Kindle Fire too. I just love these Android tablets!

Why do I need a Kindle?

Besides access to Amazon Appstore,[6] the Kindle Fire includes a cloud-accelerated “split browser” called Amazon Silk using Amazon EC2for off-device cloud computation; including webpage layout and rendering, and Google’s SPDY protocol for faster webpage content transmission.[23][24][25]


PostHeaderIcon Qustodio & Firefox Invalid Certificate Error

Qustodio Family Portal is a parent control software to help you monitor what your kids are doing with their computer online.

It would be great if it works well with my Firefox. Sadly after I installed it and set it up, all the secure sites ( https: ) stop working for my Firefox. It makes all the secure certificate invalid including my gmail.

After I uninstalled it, all became normal.

I reported to Qustodio about this problem, and hopefully they will solve the problem soon.

PostHeaderIcon Change Your Email Password Now

Your email account is most likely hacked if your friends got junk mail sent from your account. In this case you must change your email password. Actually, it is a good habit to change your email password periodically for security purpose.

An example of this kind of junk mail looks like this:

spam sent from your hacked mail account

spam sent from your hacked mail account

For more information, you can check this out:

PostHeaderIcon Chrome Master Password

An update for Chrome master password, as of 5/22/2011 and as far as I know, you cannot have a master password to protect your saved password in Chrome, the Google web browser.  It is a shame that Google has been turning a deaf ear or just play dumb on this issue. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon 89 Tutorials and Tips On WordPress WordPress Tutorials & Tips has been launched officially, and is becoming very popular for WordPress users & developers even though more new contents to be added.

PostHeaderIcon Do Not Track Proposed by Mozilla Firefox

A big buzz for browsers and online advertising companies today is the new proposed feature “Do Not Track” by Mozilla, which will be followed by Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

With this feature, Firefox will allow Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon myfanbox scams?

I’m not saying that is a scam, but after I search “scam” on Google and tried it out myself, I found it is something similar to myfanbox ( ) — they require you to give up all your address book before you can continue. The interface is very misleading. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Drupal or WordPress As Web Application Framework

It is amazing to find so many people or companies are starting using PHP frameworks such as Symfony, phpCake, or Zend Framework only in order to create their own CMS systems. I’m not saying that these PHP frameworks are no good, but I am talking about how to efficiently develop a great Web application or CMS (content management system) or a business Web site, corporate Intranet with the best available resources. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Drupal 7 Is Here!

Didn’t know that on January 5, 2011, Drupal 7 was officially released until yesterday when I checked out’s tutorial on Drupal 7 New Features.

I’ll definitely use that for our company’s intranet site.

PostHeaderIcon Watch CNET CES2011 Live Show

I’m a big fan of CNET and CES. Can’t wait for the live show of CES 2011 by CNET.
It will be live this Thursday at 9:00am EST.
Let’s watch and chat about it! Click this for the live video

2011 International CES Live This Thur.

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