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PostHeaderIcon Free Websites or Online Stores

If you are still learning to build good websites or give it a try on your own online store, you can get a free one now.
Webstarts Free Websites and Online Store.

If you need more features and capacity, you can always try the free one first and upgrade for a very low price. Try it and you won’t regret!

PostHeaderIcon Make A Living By Writing

My daughter loves writing?She’s only 6 years old. She’s started writing her diary. Although, she loves to start her diary “it is a good day” every time. I love it because I know writing can make good money. Some people may just think of writing a novel or a book when talking about writing. Writing can be of many different kinds.

You should believe that a good technical writer can make good money. But how about you don’t like technical things? You can still make a good living you write about food, wine, pets, cars, … virtually everything under the sun. Seriously. I can assure you that if you run a popular blog with your unique articles, you can make a lot of money with the big traffic to your blog.

In recent years, I’ve been helping our clients mainly law firms to find the right copy writers to create fresh contents for the legal blogs so that their sites can rank higher in search engines. That is part of my SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for my clients. We can pay up to $35 per article or $50 per hour to good writers. If you think you can do this job, you can still contact us with your good unique articles on bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales or debt reduction.

Check this out: — Make Money at Home Writing. Yes, you can work from home. Actually you can work from anywhere with a laptop and Internet. One of our writers sent us her articles during her vacation in Florida. Cool! Right?

PostHeaderIcon Free Web Tutorials Are Coming

We started the Web Tutorials on Web design & Web development and Web Marketing to help our clients to save money and understand how we work.

Why Do We Create Free Tutorials

1)When our clients and visitors are happy, we are happy.
2)There are so many free tools out there to help us do great useful things. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon BlogSuccess2.0 – Blogging Success Classroom

Finally, I’ve found a really good online classroom that really helps people to blog about their special interests and make a living from home.

I’ve been building Web sites for others since 1996, but never thought seriously how to use my own Web sites or blogs to make big money. I only did mine as a hobby. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that as I can also work as a certified Professional Internet Marketers and Web developer, which may still find a big market. I do enjoy working from home very often as I take care of the kids.

Recently I went to some Web success seminar which reminded me that we can make more money in a more efficient way. They showed me their bank account and the real income from the affiliate marketing commissions, as much as 10,000 a month. They are willing to teach you how they did it. However, at the end of the seminar, they wanted to sell you training (valued at $52,000) for $1,600. I would buy it if I didn’t find this better Blog Success 2.0 Online Classroom. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon A Great Way to Start A New Business

I Was So Disappointed By Some “Top” MLM or Direct Marketing Plans

But this one, no entrance fee or expense up front. It’s absolutely not a pyramid scheme.

If you need a great domain name, a good looking web site for your new business and a great opportunity to really earn some money without spending hundreds of dollars first, here’s the one to check out:

Get a domain & web site and membership for 7 days free trial

Just click here to watch the great presentation in English.

A great business model for the Web. GDI enables to start good business without any risk. I didn’t start a penny to start. .WS domain is great. It stands for Web Site (WS).

PostHeaderIcon Real Making Money Online/At Home Programs

Linkshare is a great company for you to join many high profile companies as their affiliates.

Have your own blog or even web site? Open a free account to start making money today from the traffic to your blog/web site.

Need a great tool to create WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and .Net templates? Try Artisteer

PostHeaderIcon More on Work At Home Scams

Remember what I found about ScottsMoneyBlog.Com in my previous? has more interesting report.
ScottsMoneyBlog.Com is a “devious plot! Too pathetically sad.” Tina said in a comment at Work Bench report on ScottMoneyBlog Get Rich Click Scheme.

Another visitor at Workbench mentioned “” with … by the same person. Ouch! I paid the $1.97 shipping & handling, but with my one-time-secure Paypal credit card

It is interesting to read the scam cases at FTC site search result on work-at-home scam

Yes, we can all make “make a difference and report them to the FTC,” if whoever was scammed once.

Most of the scams are just selling you beautiful dreams, which may not come true.

PostHeaderIcon A Good Site to Make Money Online

Some of my friends got scammed many times by “get-rich-quick” artists including some MLM companies.

They usually got sold by some dreams of easy money with the Web technology. If you cool down and wait for a few months and check with your friends who were trying to sell you that dream, you may usually fine they lose interests in that program as well as some initial investment.

Somehow, they made similar mistakes for more than one times because of their “nice” character — easily get motivated or trust their friends and also because they really want to succeed in this difficult time and do not want to give up.

I’ve been making money online since 1996 of my first domain. And I tried to build a new Website to show you how to make money online step by step. The most you need is your time and patience. WordPress and Web Publishing Tutorials & Tips

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