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It is amazing to find so many people or companies are starting using PHP frameworks such as Symfony, phpCake, or Zend Framework only in order to create their own CMS systems. I’m not saying that these PHP frameworks are no good, but I am talking about how to efficiently develop a great Web application or CMS (content management system) or a business Web site, corporate Intranet with the best available resources.

Actually more and more people find the great advantages of Joomla, Drupal or WordPress as Web Application development framework and cut their development time more than half or even 75 percent. As Matt Farina pointed out in his blog

It may not be like Ruby on Rails, django, CakePHP, Zend, or so many others but it (Drupal) is a framework. Looking at the features of frameworks drupal meets these as well as some of the others do. I think the issue is a matter of style. drupal doesn’t operate as a framework in the same or similar way as most of the others do.”

One of his anonymous reader comment which I love a lot:

I think once someone writes a module for Drupal, it just opens up another world for them. Until someone has written a module, they don’t really understand the Drupal is as much a Framework as Symfony, CakePHP or CodeIgniter.

Drupal Framework portion already includes common things like User Registration, Access Control Based on Roles and Permissions, Error Logging System, Pagination, Database Abstraction and Templates to name just few.

I would call it CMS + Framework. I don’t like the “CMS Framework” terminology as it seems to confuse the things rather than explain it.

It’s absolutely true! I did most of my clients’ Websites with WordPress and with Drupal 7’s arrival, I will do some more complicated Web application on Drupal too. Those projects, if we had built them with Symfony or Zend from scratch, would have taken much more development and went beyond the budget. This allow those clients to spend more time and money for SEO and Web marketing.

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