PostHeaderIcon Facebook Scam: Two free Southwest tickets

Everybody loves freebies, and the “good news” can easily spread via social media!

But mind you, you may be trapped as a victim!  I almost fell victim by a good friend who tagged me in one of his uploaded photo of “Two Free Southwest Tickets” and I thought it was fun and tagged one of my friends and very soon realized that it was mistake. I quickly removed the tags and warned all my friends.

So for

“Facebook Security”

we need to

1) be careful of something that sounds too too good to be true (Google it to find out before we pass it on”;

2)when you find a scam, help fight it by passing the warning quickly to your friends around (especially those related to the mistake action)

3)don’t accept just any friend invitation before you at least check his/her profile. (Facebook is working hard to help users to keep real profiles, but sometimes the efforts do not work very well so some people (spammers) may have completely false profile);

4)remember you are somehow responsible for your friends too. (sometimes, your friends just accept the dangerous invitation just because you are a mutual friend of the spammer.) Let’s make our own efforts on our sites and keep Facebook a safer online community.


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