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My daughter loves writing?She’s only 6 years old. She’s started writing her diary. Although, she loves to start her diary “it is a good day” every time. I love it because I know writing can make good money. Some people may just think of writing a novel or a book when talking about writing. Writing can be of many different kinds.

You should believe that a good technical writer can make good money. But how about you don’t like technical things? You can still make a good living you write about food, wine, pets, cars, … virtually everything under the sun. Seriously. I can assure you that if you run a popular blog with your unique articles, you can make a lot of money with the big traffic to your blog.

In recent years, I’ve been helping our clients mainly law firms to find the right copy writers to create fresh contents for the legal blogs so that their sites can rank higher in search engines. That is part of my SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for my clients. We can pay up to $35 per article or $50 per hour to good writers. If you think you can do this job, you can still contact us with your good unique articles on bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales or debt reduction.

Check this out: — Make Money at Home Writing. Yes, you can work from home. Actually you can work from anywhere with a laptop and Internet. One of our writers sent us her articles during her vacation in Florida. Cool! Right?

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