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Yes, you can save some money by using OpenOffice if you cannot afford Microsoft Word on every computer you use for word processing.

Today, we are going to show to how to track changes in your word document using OpenOffice Writer (the free alternative to Microsoft Word)
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How to Track Changes in Your Word Document with OpenOffice Writer


How to Track Changes in Your Word Document with OpenOffice Writer

(Part2) presents “How to Track Changes in OpenOffice Writer”, the free tool like Microsoft Word. Simple step:
1. Open the document you want to edit
2. Go to Edit in menu and select “Changes” and then “Record”
3. When you want to finalize the document, you can go to “Changes” menu again and select “Accept or Reject” and go through all the changes

Microsoft Word is a great tool for word processing. Buy it if you can afford so you can support them for more good products. But if you cannot afford it, you can still get your work done with this alternative.

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