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PostHeaderIcon SEO From a Pro: How to Market Your New Web Site

I happened to find an interesting article titled SEO From a Pro: How to Market Your New Web Site ( ) SEO expert Helen Overland talked about launching her own web site with the common SEO tricks. You may want to find out how she is doing. Read that article and also check out […]

PostHeaderIcon 加州中醫師聯合總會 加州中醫師聯合總會(CUPCM)can also be accessed from This is another example of our SEO Web design projects with English-Chinese bilingual website. We designed the database of the TCM doctors in California. The client also likes the pdf publishing for their newsletter. TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, can save your life or just improve your life quality […]

PostHeaderIcon Using Bootstrap in WP

Responsive design has been very hot. With Bootstrap, you can easily design responsive pages. 2) Tooltip example:You may also use it to add tooltip like this:  3) Button Shortcode example:  4)Button Dropdown example:  5)Icon Heading Shortcode example This is a paragraph that comes with the above heading.  

PostHeaderIcon WordPress is The Best CMS

WordPress is the best CMS for most of the website owners. According to W3Techs SEO Market share statistics ( ) The market share of WordPress (as of 3/17/2013 ) is 54.5% vs Joomla 8.5% vs Drupal 7.2% vs Blogger 3.8%. The main reasons for WordPress popularity include: 1)You can build a business website which […]

PostHeaderIcon Search Engine Optimization Guide

Most of the SEO job is done mainly for Google. So why not check out the SEO guide from Google: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide For SEO beginners, this Google article is a must read: (huh! Google doesn’t care for their own URL keywords? The article title is actually “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ” […]

PostHeaderIcon Make A Living By Writing

My daughter loves writing?She’s only 6 years old. She’s started writing her diary. Although, she loves to start her diary “it is a good day” every time. I love it because I know writing can make good money. Some people may just think of writing a novel or a book when talking about writing. Writing […]

PostHeaderIcon Drupal or WordPress As Web Application Framework

It is amazing to find so many people or companies are starting using PHP frameworks such as Symfony, phpCake, or Zend Framework only in order to create their own CMS systems. I’m not saying that these PHP frameworks are no good, but I am talking about how to efficiently develop a great Web application or […]

PostHeaderIcon Sitepal, Your Web Site Spokesperson

Want 24-hour Greeter On Your Web Site? e.g. Type in Welcome to Our New Product Page! We are proud to present SEO Services for small businesses” Text to speak or TTS techniques are perfecting and many of us have used them for business or learning. We can help you take full advantage of these techniques. […]

PostHeaderIcon For Webmasters Only $6.95/month, you’ll get: UNLIMITED Hosting Space (NEW!) UNLIMITED File Transfer (NEW!) web hostingHost UNLIMITED Domains!!! 2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL 2000/2002 Front Page Extensions Free Domain Forever! Free Site Builder (NEW) 24/7 Superb/Responsive Sales/Support Lunarpages ( For as little as $2.99/month, you […]

PostHeaderIcon 100 % Professional Internet Marketer

Some friends told me that I should put my score of Certified Professional Internet Marketer. More than 10 months ago, I passed the Web CEO University Professional Internet Marketer certification exam with the score 100 of 100. I’m proud of it as very few people can get full marks and it shows I take Web […]

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