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Why Can’t I Sleep

There are many reasons that can cause sleep loss: the environment is too noisy, we are too excited before going to bed, drinking too much coffee or tea.

Many of us don’t realize that we actually need more sleep. We may not know how well or how bad we sleep everyday.
Or we don’t know what to do to help us to get enough sleep or to avoid sleeping too much (Did you know that sleeping too much can also damage to our health or spirit?)

With modern technology along with our Internet, we can now improve our life with the help of

RestOn from Sleepace for Better Sleep

With its medical-grade sensors and patented structure, RestOn accurately measures sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. RestOn is the great news for those who do not have good sleep!

With RestOn, you can get sleep advice when you use it to conveniently monitor your sleep pattern, sleep cycles and sleep habits along with heart rate and respiratory rate through its patented design and technology. Sleepace got a lot of attention on its Las Vegas CES in 2015 and new investors and the US market responded with a warm and rapid welcome.

Would you like to order it on? It will be $149.99 per unit and it will be your best investment for your health ever! I promise.

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