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As everybody knows, SAS is a great tool for clinical study and financial analysis. When I was working with Kaiser Permanente ( ), we helped the business team do great web traffic analysis with SAS. I started this post because I want to explore more potential using SAS as web traffic analysis.

You may find a great article by Jenine Eason and Jerry Johannesen of in GA at

Google Analytics does give us great traffic reports but you may create some great reports once you have SAS data sets from your traffic logs on your web server.

Shin Shin Training Center ( offers great SAS training in San Francisco Bay Area, their new classes begins on 3/21/2010. Check it out. They have very experienced teachers and they are also an official locale for SAS certification tests. They are a few that can guarantee 100% pass exams for Certified SAS Base Programmer, Certified SAS Advanced Programmer. Their programs do not just give SAS training but also real life data analysis and interview experience and skills with real life projects.

Classes taught in English, but you may ask questions and got them answered in Chinese too. After all, if you don’t know English, which companies you can work for in the US.

Stay tuned, for our SAS series articles.

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