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You don’t want to blow up your friend’s inbox with big files

Share big files online can be easy for those with websites with unlimited space, but for those who don’t want to bother with FPT (or even don’t know what it is), the following

Free File Sharing Services

may be great solutions.

1) You can send a few people with a big file up to 150MB for free.
For bigger files and more security, you may wan to get PRO only, 12 months, 39.95USD. They also provide VPN services too.
2) Maximum allowed file size is 100 MBytes (Please note that files with 1 to 7 days lifetime will have primary status and full speed accessibility, while 8-90 days lifetime files will have secondary, or archive, status and half-speed accessibility.
No need to register, activate, install or read manuals – use our uploading form, you`re ready to go.
3)Want to share much bigger files? You can use free service (go there and click to their free service). Send files up to 1GB!
Or you may use their pro service for more capacity (up to 3GB per file) for only $24 a year :Pando Pro

There will be more free services to be added here, please bookmark this page and share with your friends who want to share big files! Please use one of the above services when you want to email or share big files with me. Gmail users, if you email big files to your friends, the big files take up your limited space too as they are automatically saved in your “Sent Box”

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