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Google’s Web Browser is gaining popular for its graceful interface and powerful engine and platform.

According to Net Applications, Chrome became the third most widely used browser, with 6.13% of worldwide usage share of web browsers, in March 2010.

Chrome “Version 4.0 was released for Windows on 25 January 2010, adding extension support, bookmark sync, improved developer tools, better HTML5 support, performance improvements, and increased security.” — Wikipedia

Many called it the fastest browsers on the Internet. No matter it is true or not, I really love it and created a new Chrome extension for people to learn Chinese.

On the other hands, I found a few Chrome extensions are very useful for SEO. Just for these SEO Chrome extension, you should use Chrome for your SEO job.

The first one is called Chrome SEO by Sean Bannister. It has the most users (as of this writing it has 153,227 users and 9,061 downloads!

? Integration with Google SERPs. Similar to SeoQuake or the SEOBook Firefox extension.
? The ability to compare site ranking stats, side by side.
? Keyword Ranking Checker to check search rankings.
? On page Keyword Analysis
? Integrate the Keyword Tool with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to make keyword research faster.
? PPC Integration (Adwords, Adsense, Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing)
? Support for Wolfram | Alpha
? Better descriptions so any Web Designer / Developer can work with the tool.
? Google Analytics Integration
? Google Chrome SEO Toolbar
? Allow Google Chrome SEO Add Ons so developers can contribute plugins.

The second good one is SEO Site Tools by Carter Cole. It displays On-Page / External metrics, Social Media info, Metrics / numbering on Yahoo, Bing, Google SERPs.Extends WMT, YSE and GA with metrics. It is expanding its features and improving. What I don’t like is its dark interface. It would be great if it just uses the Google’s bright color schemes.

SeoQuake by SEO Quake from SEOQuake Team is also worth a try. It shows a Full list of SEO parameters:Google PageRank,Google Index,Yahoo links,Yahoo linkdomain,Bing index,Alexa Rank,Webarchive age,Delicious index,Whois link,Page source,SEMRush rank,Nofollow links.

Let’s cover more of these useful SEO tools offered in the form of Chrome extensions next time.

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