I’ve heard a lot about Python but never got to learn it because there are so many languages to learn:  Japanese, Java, C++, Cantonese, English, PHP, Javascript…

Today, when my daughter and I were watching Khan Academy’s video tutorial “Fun with String” where he was using Python,  the 8-year-old girl really enjoyed it with laughter. And she seems to be ready to give it a try with the excitement.  Khan is a great modern teacher using modern technology.  (Now they have over 4,200 video tutorials free for all learners on their site)

For adult learners, may be a more interesting video tutorial could be this one:

And you can get the pdf file and data files of   here:

Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking


The very one Python string tutorial that my daughter loves is this one:

and you can find more of Khan’s tutorials at https://www.khanacademy.org/science/computer-science/v/fun-with-strings

The First Language For Those Who Start Learning Programming

At http://www.dailyblogtips.com/what-programming-language-to-learn-first/  Daniel Scocco of DBT (Daily Blog Tips), explains why Python is a great choice to start with for those programming beginners.  I quite agree with him. What is your opinion? I love to hear from you.