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PostHeaderIcon (English) WordPress is The Best CMS


PostHeaderIcon Protect Your Privacy on Facebook:Don’t show your birthday.

In my strong personal opinion, a website should never ask for your accurate date of birth. (They should only ask you to confirm that you are above 13 or 21 )

Unfortunately, Facebook shows your birthday by default and many facebook users don’t even know that strangers as well as your friends can see your DOB, which can usually be a security question for your bank.

If you can care for your friends, share this post on your wall.
Double check your own privacy settings. Here’s how:

Share this post and video and your friends would appreciate it. You need to remember that Facebook or Gmail or Yahoo usually require you to be over 13 to have an account with them.

PostHeaderIcon QQ the most popular software for Chinese: New 2013 Version beta


It’s beta now, but many people would give it a try. It’s the most popular instant massenger but it is more than that.

You may download QQ 2013 here.


PostHeaderIcon Basic ASP

Basic Active Server Pages(ASP) can be very handy when you use Windows IIS server.  I start Web programming with ASP and Access database (then transferred to MS SQL server for better performance.

To learn to build a website with ASP .NET, you should have your own ASP .NET hosting account.

Here’s some good pages for you to learn basic ASP

The VBscript language used for ASP  is easy to learn so it is very popular in China to build simple business websites. In 1999, we even built a very popular church search engine for with ASP.


After PHP came out, it became very popular quickly and now I’d rather focus on PHP as LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) platform is the most popular and WordPress runs best on LAMP. The ASP user base has been shrinking as PHP user groups have been growing.

PostHeaderIcon Is HTML5 Right For You?

If you are a development manager, you may be interested in this HTML5 guide.
It’s free to download from Sencha.

According to Sencha, if you develop apps with limited resources, want to target muplitple platforms and devices or try to reach a mobile audience without using an app store, need HTML5 can be very helpful.

With HTML5 and some great support tooling, it is now possible to create a sleek, modern web application that is accessible from any browser, any desktop, and any mobile device, anywhere at any time. Moreover, applications can be created quickly and easily without a lot of experience.

PostHeaderIcon Liyumen SF Koi Palace 鲤鱼门

One of my favorite Dim Sum places of Koi Palace.

Pinyin Search: Liyumen SF 鲤鱼门 (鯉 魚 門 海 鮮 茶 寮), yucai

Two locations in SF Bay Area: 1)365 Gellert Blvd Serramonte Plaza Daly City CA 94015 2)Ulferts Center: 4288 Dublin Blvd Ste 213, Dublin, CA 94568 (Behind Bank of America™) Website: Category: Dim Sum, seafood, Cantonese cuisine 粤菜 (yuecai)

PostHeaderIcon (English) Share Big Files


PostHeaderIcon 用iTalkTV看中国卫视



1. 注册2年合约$24.99计划,送第25、26个月免费,再注册iTalkTV可获得TV前6个月免费

2. 注册2年合约$24.99计划,前3个月$14.99/月,再注册iTalkTV可获得TV前6个月免费

· BB计划:免开户费,赠送1年免费中国回拨950号码,以及两部手机每月500分钟国际长途通话时长

· TV计划:1年合约,免开户费,免设备押金,前6个月免费,第7-12个月$9.99/月

· 如客户想注册1年合约$24.99计划而实在不想交开户费的,开户费可以先收后返,请发邮件给我,将开户费手动返还到客户账户里

· 电话和电视均有30天免费试用退款保证,试用期后合约内取消则需收取取消费均为$69.99

PostHeaderIcon Kaibo2.0

Kaibo2.0 means it’s a Kaibo graded like from Web to Web2.0!
We have set up a Youtube channel Kaibo2.0 Youtube Shows

If you follow us at this site or the Kaibo2.0 Youtube Shows, you can benefit a lot from Kaibo2.0 because

Kaibo2.0 is not just Kaibo but a brand new Kaibo with Web2.0, Tech2.0, Business2.0 concepts of the 21st Century and experience dated from the last century. 凯波2.0 是崭新的凯波。他拥有Web2.0,技术2.0,商业2.0等21世纪全新的概念,同时又有从上个世纪延伸下来的丰富经验。

Kaibo2.0 is about Web technology while it is also about Chinese language and culture and American English, Australian English, and British English. This is because Kaibo, I mean Kaibo2.0, is from China and grew up in the United States and graduated from Zhongda ( Sun Yat-Sen University) with a B.A. degree in English and graduated from South-Eastern Nova University ( ) with an International MBA (they call it MIBA) and lots of experience in Unix and Internet from its famous Unix system and Internet connection (at that time, in early 1990’s, they were pretty advanced.)

Actually, Kaibo was upgraded to Kaibo2.0 in Miami in 1992 (I was reborn spiritually and saved then). Back in 1996, if you search the Web for Kaibo, I was the one and only Kaibo. This situation even last to the successful years of Yahoo. Now, if you search for Kaibo2 or Kaibo2.0 on Google or Bing, you will still get us. Thank you, Google and Bing.

From year 2012, Kaibo2.0, 凱波2.0, 凯波2.0 became a trade mark of for Web Technology, Chinese language and culture and entertainment. All rights reserved.

PostHeaderIcon CyberCrime & “Wire Transfer Failure”

Spamming or Fiphing?

I learn that it has been considered CyberCrime and serious security threat:

ACH / WireTransfer Failed spam goes crazy!

(That was WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2011)
I got similar email this morning:

Dear Operator,
WIRE TRANSACTION: FED55349851295791239

Please Review your transaction as soon as possible.

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