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Spammers try every way to get more traffic to their sites. They mean any kind of traffic. But usually they did most of the spamming for nothing much because the traffic needs to get targeted to be useful.

More targeted traffic means more converted visitors for your business. Google Place or Google Locals, Yahoo Local, Bing Local are all good for more targeted traffic. Adwords traffic, if they come from lower position of the paid ads area, can get you more targeted visitors because that it reduces impulsive clicks if your ads are not at the top so the searcher, with a target in mind, just want to scroll down all the way to your ads and find what he or she wants.

According to my experience, it would be great if your ads can position at # 4 to 9 in the search result pages. It takes some skill to get the right bit. It means “do not over bit for your paid advertisement”.

Other ways to improve your targeted traffic is to put ads in related Web sites, forums or blog.

For more details, please contact us and talk about what you want.

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